Social and Community Participation

Our services are focused on supporting each person to build their skills and capabilities to become more independent and participate in the local community.

Group Programs

We have a variety of group programs on offer across our 3 locations of Jardine St, Cambridge St and Berserker St. Our group programs include life skills, community activities, work skills, health and well being, performing arts and much more!

Support Co-ordination

Our Support Coordination Team can help you to connect with and coordinate multiple services, and strengthen your ability to implement your own NDIS plan.

Assistance with Daily Living

We’d love for everyone to be able to live independently, and that’s why our daily living support enables our participants to live the life that they want.

Learning and Life Skills Development

We can support you to build essential life skills to enhance your independence. This can be provided one-on-one or in a small group setting.


If funding for transport supports are included in your NDIS plan, we can offer transport to activities in your community. We can also provide fee for service transport.