Assistance with Daily Living

Assistance with Daily Living and Supported Independent Living

We’d love for everyone to be able to live independently, and that’s why our daily living support enables our participants to live the life that they want. We give assistance and empower participants to complete their daily activities in their home and community.

The way we can do this are many and varied depending on what you require to achieve your personal goals. We can support you for a few hours a day or 24hours a day by:

  • Providing personal care and daily living support;
  • Helping you with budgeting;
  • Assisting you with shopping;
  • Supporting you to attend appointments;
  • Maintaining health and well being;
  • Maintaining social skills, and positive family and peer relationships;
  • Assisting you with written communication, completing forms, and paying bills;
  • Providing hands-on assistance with household activities including meal preparation, being a good neighbour, paying rent on time, domestic tasks etc.

We offer hands on experiences to give you the skills to access the life you want.